Full Campaign 1-30

In the vast world of Tayborne the residents have known naught but peace for the past six centuries. Though split between three ever-growing continents, each shared their culture openly and welcomed friendly trade. In the past decade this peace has come to an end. The land of Shay has grown anxious as an all out war has broken out between the continents of Valook and that of Rin. As to the origins of this war not much can be said, however the increase in Valook’s necromatic army has most citizens in the grips of fear. Who or What is fueling Valook’s army, and can they be stopped?
The Journey

In the small town of Meldin, deep within the heart of Shay, a group of adventurers drink in the pub on the second floor, unaware of the escalating events without. Having been forced into the local magistrates employ, this odd group of travelers quest to find the source of the growing death toll in the area.

The Dread Mage Rises